Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Special places

Today we visited some special places in the morning and spent the afternoon playing in our hotel room.

Gracie is doing really well! She is learning English way faster than we are learning Chinese;-)

I also have to say that Michael has been so wonderful and patient with me and Gracie. I am stressed beyond anything I have ever experienced and I can't imagine being here without him. He has let me cry, spaz out and crash at night with Ambien! At times Gracie has been very timid towards him. He has not gotten frustrated or upset and has let her maintain control of their interactions. She played with him for nearly an hour this afternoon and let him bathe her tonight. I will say he is quite smitten!

Here are a couple more pictures that were too cute not to share!

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  1. adorable pictures! we are thinking and praying for you all! today is our family day...7 years. your journey has brought back many memories! sending you a big hug! beth simpson