Thursday, April 26, 2012

We received an update!

What a happy morning to wake up and find new pictures of my baby girl. These are the first pictures that I have received where she is smiling! And what a precious smile it is. . .

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Somewhere in China. . .

My box full of gifts is lost somewhere in China!  It has been attempted to be delivered 3 times.  Unfortunately, it has been attempted to be delivered to the wrong address.  Looks like I get to start all over.  Maybe it will be found, maybe it will be sent back to me.  If not, one day when Ella Grace looks back through this blog, she can look at the picture of the things I tried to send.  Sorry, baby girl!  Momma is trying!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Lots of love in one little box

I have spent more time than I can count putting together a care package for my little Ella Grace. I have no idea what she truly needs, what the orphanage will allow her to have or what she will actually get that I send. So, I am sending quite the variety. First, I made a photo album of her new family and her house complete with Chinese translations. Hopefully, her nannies will look at the book with her and tell her who these strange looking people are! I added several outfits and pajamas. I don't know if she will get to wear them all or if they will even fit. Either way, I hope some child gets to wear them! I added a gift for each nanny and a note thanking them for the care they are providing Ella Grace until we can bring her home. There are two disposable cameras with hopes of pictures that we can develop later and bags and bags of lollipops and twizzlers for the kids.

I have also received a few recent pictures!

I can't wait to get my baby girl HOME!!  I am thankful that she is being well cared for (all things considered).  There are pictures of her orphanage on Little Redhead's blog (on my adoption blog list).  They just came home with Pippa and posted an amazing account of their experience complete with beautiful pictures.  Please continue to remember us in your prayers.  We are waiting for LOA (letter of acceptance) and are praying that it will come soon.  We are at day 30 and expecting to wait for 90.  However, sometimes it comes sooner!  We are working diligently on preparing her room and I am planning to post pictures soon!  Pink is such a fun color:-)