Thursday, September 27, 2012

One Month Together

It was one month ago today that we first met our little girl.  What a difference a month can make.  China was hard, the first week home was hard.  Adoption is hard.  But it is so worth it the stress, anxiety, fatigue, worry, paperwork, travel, expense and time spent.  This little one has captured our hearts in a way that I could not have imagined. 
We are all adjusting so well.  I am sleeping! Yeah!  Michael is completely wrapped around her little finger.  To say he is in trouble is putting in mildly:-)  Gavin is so sweet to her.  He so wants to hold her and love on her.  She is getting used to it and allowing him to completely intrude her personal space (sometimes).   Garrett has been a little jealous.  He has always played well with her, but at first would not acknowledge that he had a new sister when asked!  Last week, he asked when she was going back to China.  I told him "never".  I guess he realized that she was here to stay and has been telling everyone about his sister Gracie!  He has requested to wear diapers on numerous occasions and I have had to baby him a little more than usual.  All in all, I think he is doing well considering he was the baby for so long.
And of course, there is Gracie.  I have learned so much about her over the past month.  She is very independent and likes to do things for herself.  She is incredibly smart and picking up English quickly.  She seems to understand most things that we tell her and repeats everything she hears.  She says, "thank you", "more", " water", "mama", "baba"', "Gavin" and "Garrett".  She repeats everything the boys say and things that she hears on TV.  She is feisty!  I have no doubts that she will be more than able to handle these two boys.  She loves to ride her tricycle and push strollers in the driveway.  She is not to crazy about sharing toys, but is doing better.  She loves to get a bathe and really loves to get a lotion massage afterward.  I see future spa days ahead!  Bedtime is so much easier.  Some nights she will want to read a book, but usually she likes to turn the light off and points to her bed.  Michael or I lay beside her and rub her back.  She usually goes to sleep pretty quickly and sleeps through the night (most nights).  She loves to play on the water slide and swim in the pool.  I am guessing she is going to be a great little swimmer.  She is so sweet and has gotten very generous with her kisses.  She likes to play with her baby dolls and tea set.  However, without question, her most favorite thing in the whole wide world is shoes! Her shoes, my shoes, Gavin's shoes, Garrett's shoes, Michael's shoes.  She wears them all.  Nothing makes her more excited than when I bring out a new pair of her very own.  
Needless to say, we are having so much fun getting to know her and watching her blossom in front of our eyes.  Everyday she seems to understand more and finds excitement in so many new things.  She is a precious gift that we are so grateful for.  We love you Gracie!
I do apologize for not updating sooner.  Honestly, I have been fairly anti-technology the last few weeks.  I felt so tied to my email, facebook, and blogs for so long that it has been a nice break for me.  I never intended to continue blogging and really don't know if I will.  Any future blogs will be about our family as a whole.   Most likely, it will be random facebook pics.  For now, I will leave you with a few pictures.  That's another thing I haven't done much of.  I need to spend some time trying to get good pictures.  It is hard when your subject is never still:-)  Sorry, most of these are from my phone and blurry!
Light up Minne Mouse heels!  She stomps around in these all the time.

Loved! Loved! Loved!

First Popsicle that we know of.

Learning from her brothers.

First swim lesson! Garrett is so sweet to his little sister.  Hard to believe he is only 10 months older.  He is huge and she is a peanut!

Pooped after a play date with a friend.

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